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Multi Color Indoor School Bleachers / Telescopic Seats 280mm Row Height

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Model Number: ARH-T1706
Minimum Order Quantity: 100PCS
Price: USD90-150/pcs
Packaging Details: Carton, air bubble film
Delivery Time: 30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, L/C
Supply Ability: 5000PCS per month
Detail Information
Size: Customized Size Accessories: Guardrail,aisle With Handrail,handrail
Row Height: 260mm.280mm Optional Origin: Chongqing China
Type: Manual/ Electric,Movable Name: Retractable Auditorium Seating,Telescopic Seating/seating System/bleacher
Railings: Yes Flooring: Anti Skip Floor Or Carpet
High Light:

Multi Color Indoor School Bleachers


Indoor School Bleachers 80mm Row Height


Telescopic Seats 280mm Row Height

Product Description

Multi Color Blow Molding HDPE Chair Retractable Bleacher Seating



Feature of Retractable Bleacher Seating


1. Stand support is cold-drawn and formed of excellent carbon steel plate, which can increase the strength and toughness of the material, improve the mechanical properties of the material, and enhance the stability of the structure. Due to the various sizes of the stands, the final size is determined by the size of the actual venue and the type of seats. The seat width and low back seats of the stands are 700mm, and the floor height is 300mm. The stands are completely covered, especially the two sides are covered with 3mm thick steel plates, the surface connection and painting are completely smooth, and the final effect surface is a whole. The back of the stand is arranged with honeycomb aluminum panels, and the bottom counter board is used. The finished aluminum plate retains the "mirror" polishing effect.

2. Cart and load-bearing wheels: The cart includes a 100×50×3mm column, 130×50×3mm feet, and is equipped with an anti-bending system with anti-friction bearing components. The load-bearing wheel adopts a wide wheel, and the large caster wheel adopts an outer high-strength polyurethane PU wheel with a diameter of 125mm and a spoke of B=40mm. It has sufficient load-bearing strength and appropriate elasticity. The inner layer adopts double ball bearings and the middle is The nylon layer is covered with a high-toughness and wear-resistant polyurethane layer, which can withstand heavy loads and can rotate flexibly, with little friction, and does not damage the wooden floor. The wheels of the stands are distributed in multiple rows, and each row is uneven, which can reduce the stand against the wooden floor. The stress can prolong the service life of the wooden floor.

3. Load-bearing beam: The size of the load-bearing beam is 50×40×3mm, 100×50×3mm, which is installed at a center distance of about 70cm and welded between the main beam and the auxiliary beam. The cold-rolled steel plate with sufficient bearing capacity is used, and after folding, it is sprayed to make it not only has good corrosion resistance, but also has a smooth and clean outer surface. The secondary beam has a size of 50×35×2 and serves as the end element for all wooden support arms and walking surfaces. The supporting arms between the supporting frames are applied to the main beam to eliminate sliding friction and lubricate the rollers and nails through the action of the mechanical surface.

4. Tighten the sling: the system is anchored on the foundation of the cart column through diagonal supports, close to the center of the rear beam, and each row of diagonal supports is arranged in pairs, consisting of a 40×25×2.5mm closed part, and a horizontal element at the bottom. The size is opposite to the diagonal support, connecting the pillar and the bottom of the cart, and is fixed on the top of the support.

5. Movable steps Movable step keel is supported by high-quality carbon steel profile welding. Each layer is equipped with a 700mm*350mm*150mm box-shaped step and a row number sign. The surface layer adopts 18mm high-strength veneer laminate (17mm laminate + 1mm trihydrogen ammonia board) aluminum alloy decorative profile edging, so that the pedal has both high strength and beautiful outer surface, and the surface has a fireproof function, which can withstand such Cigarette butts and other open flames. The surface layer is fixed by rivets and auxiliary stands of the stands to ensure the high strength and structural stability of the movable steps.

6. ​​Decorative profiles The stand surface is covered with a special aluminum-titanium alloy, with special non-slip lines attached to increase the strength of the profile and prevent the audience from slipping when walking. The surface layer adopts 18mm high-strength veneer laminate (17mm laminate + 1mm trihydrogen ammonia board) aluminum alloy decorative profile edging, and the front of the stand bed frame adopts a special aluminum-titanium alloy profile to increase the bearing strength. At the same time, the front edge is inlaid with non-slip and wear-resistant rubber and plastic strips, so that they will not fall off, and have the effect of protecting the aluminum-titanium alloy strips and preventing the audience from slipping, which is both beautiful and practical.

7. The synchronization mechanism is composed of double-layer guide bearings and side rollers to ensure that the stands make a balanced linear movement during expansion and contraction, reducing the friction of the stands. Through the self-locking mechanism, it is ensured that the surface layers of the stands are stretched and synchronized in sequence.

8. Railings are made of steel pipes. The front and side railings are fixed, that is, the movable stand does not need to be plugged and unplugged during the expansion and contraction process, and is integrally connected. The top of the guardrail bears the horizontal force of 65kg/m; the middle of the guardrail is 135kg/m.

9. Seat The seat is made of high-density polyethylene, and the color is specified by Party A. 1) Comprehensive performance: Comply with the requirements of "Sports Stadium Public Seats" (QB/T2601-2003). 2) Color performance: Imported toners, computer color matching, bright colors, and brisk colors. In the process of seat production, color stabilizers are added to ensure long-lasting and bright colors. The color consistency of the seats will reach 95% within five years. 3) Mechanical properties: impact resistance, fatigue resistance, high strength. Passed the inspection by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, it meets the QB/T2601-2003 standard, the seat static load is 1600N, 10 times, the seat back static load is 760N, 10 times: seat durability: the seat load is 950N, 100,000 times, the seat back Load 330N, 100,000 times without damage: impact height of chair surface: 240mm, 10 times; impact height of chair back: 330mm, angle 48 degrees, 10 times. 4) Weather resistance: at +75℃ for 72 hours, there will be no appearance changes such as cracks, spots, bubbles and obvious deformation. At a low temperature of -40°C for 24 hours, there will be no appearance changes such as local changes, cracks, spots, bubbles, and obvious deformation. 5) Anti-aging performance: Imported anti-aging agents and outdoor anti-ultraviolet agents are selected, which meet the international standard GB/T16422.2-1999 "Plastic Aging Performance Test" standard, so that the seat color is consistent within 5 years of outdoor use The degree reaches 95%. 6) Service life: The overall service life of the seat is not less than 10 years. 7) The seat is a hollow blow-molded conjoined chair, which is made of imported polyethylene (PE) in the original package, and is made of a hollow structure with a blow-molding process. The seat has superior mechanical properties, high strength, impact resistance, good weather resistance, stable chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic, abrasion resistance, water repellency, and stable color. The overall design of the seat is designed according to the principles of ergonomics and molded by blow molding, which is beautiful and durable, easy to install, maintain, and manage.

10. The seat connection mechanism is stamped and welded with high-quality carbon steel plate, which is reliable in movement. The stand seat is light, flexible and labor-saving when it is turned up and down.

11. Motor The motor can automatically retract and drive the shaft through a series of transmission mechanisms, including support, special rubber unmarked wheels, control panel, surface button belt and a mobile alarm system using lights and buzzers. All motors in each part realize expansion and contraction independent modules, equipped with special codes to ensure parallel between the modules, and each code is controlled by a computer system.

Power configuration: 380V 15-40A

12. The drive mechanism adopts electric control, with infrared remote control and wired manual control. It adopts imported three-phase decelerating motor, motor power 550~1100W (according to the stand design), voltage 380V, with the characteristics of large reduction ratio, high efficiency, low noise, less failure and long life. An anti-deflection device is installed to ensure that the movable stand can be easily extended and contracted without deviation. The telescopic mechanism is flexible, has low working noise, and does not scratch the floor.

13. Locking and handling system The locking system uses the equipment at the foot of the column and is designed to prevent the cart from moving. It is automatically locked and the stand retractable system is automatic by releasing the equipment control panel.

14. Telescopic mechanism The grandstand adopts electric drive or manual drive. The motor of the bed frame telescopic electric automatic walking system is equipped with a mechanical feedback synchronization mechanism to support the big foot to ensure that multiple movable stands can be synchronized and stretched, the action is neat and uniform, its non-directional deviation ≤ 10mm, and the telescopic position will automatically stop. The front and back of each floor of the movable seat must be equipped with devices to ensure that the retractable seat can be expanded and contracted in sequence during the expansion and contraction process; the movable seat operating system can be retracted in place at one time, and it can also be used in several or several rows according to the site or actual use.

15. Stand strength Stand structure strength: static load ≥200kg per seat; impact resistance strength of bed frame: static load ≥200kg per seat. The middle load of each layer is ≥80kg and the height of 300mm is not deformed. The overall structure is stable under dynamic load, and the bearing surface is not deformed.

16. Plastic spraying All the metal parts that make up the telescopic stand are pickled. Phosphating treatment is then carried out at a temperature of 60 degrees to ensure that the surface has an anti-corrosion protection effect. The last spraying procedure is to oxidize the powder coating through electrostatic spraying, which is carried out at 190 degrees for about 20 minutes. The color is determined by the project manager, and all screws and nuts are standard parts.


Product Retractable Bleacher Seating
Material Chair: HDPE low back Seat
Structure Frame: Cold roll steel dealt with powder coating
Flooring: 18mm plywood with anti-slip finish or covered by carpet, Or alumium floor
Safety Railing: Steel with powder coating or Stainless steel is optional
Chair Type Bucket chair
Installation Type Floore mounted type
Bleacher Type Manual/Ful-motorized
Operation Wire control or remote control (Moterized type)
Color of Steel Structure Black or Grey
Railings Safety Railing on two sides of the bleacher, backside railing is optional
Step Height 260mm,280mm,300mm
Step Width 700-900mm
Stair Step Width 800-1000mm
Packing PP woven bag, Carton, Air bubble film
MOQ 100 seats per set
Delivery Time 25-30 days according to the quantity
Application Stadium, Conference Hall, Theatre, etc.



Multi Color Indoor School Bleachers / Telescopic Seats 280mm Row Height 0Multi Color Indoor School Bleachers / Telescopic Seats 280mm Row Height 1Multi Color Indoor School Bleachers / Telescopic Seats 280mm Row Height 2


Retractable bleacher product customization process


1. Consultation: initial communication to reach cooperation intention

2. Provide demand: determine the type of stand and seat style

3. Definite plan: design a reasonable plan and confirm

4. Sign the contract: quote and sign the production contract

5. Payment of deposit: collect deposit and schedule production

6. Delivery: delivery after payment of the balance

7. If there is demand, we can provide paid overseas installation

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